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creating leadership development models aligning with your organizations mission, values and vision

provides interim management and healthcare consulting for hospital facilities in a variety of clinical areas, including:

•  Quality management and Patient Satisfaction Improvements

•  Hospital Accreditation and Regulatory survey preparation

•  Hospital and Nursing Administration Assessment and Strategic Planning

•  Nursing Standards of Care Assessment and Revision

•  Risk Management and Patient Safety

•  Nursing Educational Program Assessment and Improvement


About Us

dedicated problem solver

The Integrity Nurse is available to assess quality improvement programs, outcomes and recommend strategies for improvement conforming to benchmarks. She is also available to assess survey compliance with CMS, State DOH, Joint Commission Standards, Mock Surveys, Clinical Care Standards, Policy and Procedures, and develop educational programming tailored to your specific needs. The consultation services would include:

  1. Assessment/Development of Pressure Ulcer Reduction Program
  2. Assessment/Development of Fall Prevention Program
  3. Reduce Ventilator Associated Pneumonia
  4. Pain Management Improvement
  5. Medication Safety
  6. Staffing pattern analysis
  7. Assessment/Development of Hand Hygiene and Infection Control programs
  8. Performance Improvement Programs
  9. Patient care policies and standards assessment
  10. Comprehensive orientation and continuing education programs improvement
  11. Improve patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  12. Improve Perioperative care services, quality and timeliness.

How can I help you?

The Integrity Nurse can quickly and effectively assume the reins of management and leadership of nursing or other hospital departments and correct any insufficiencies or implement improvements, while overseeing operations.  The engagement would include:

  1. Assess the current Department of Nursing and Leadership
  2. Review adherences or deviations from Nursing and Regulatory Standards
  3. Assess nurse sensitive data and outcomes
  4. Prepare and implement plans for Regulatory or Accreditation Review
  5. Recruit, screen and interview new leadership candidates
  6. Prepare handoff report/strategic plan draft for new leadership team